Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Update on progress

A comment on this blog this morning from my friend Phil Wilson, reminded me that I haven't posted for ages. A quick catch up. Opening Times was crazily busy over Christmas and New Year, it even briefly peaked within the top 40,000 ranked sites on Alexa, although I suspect a lot of this was to do with other sites not being particularly busy. The server stayed up fairly well through the whole process and gave me some good insight as to how things will need to scale in the future.

In terms of adding more data I've been leaving that for a while and instead concentrating on how to keep data up to date and increase accuracy. To achieve this I've been working on a form with a history and rollback function similar to Wikipedia. This is taking a while, but hopefully I've have some ready to use in early March.

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  1. Firstly let me congratulate you on your excellent Alexa rankings. Secondly, well done on having such a good website. I have found it to be useful, and I am sure other people have as well. I particularly like the way in which you have organically grown the service so that it covers many of the large businesses, and yet you have avoided the obvious temptation to plaster the site with adverts at the first sign of success. Well done on the excellent site!


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