Sunday, 25 October 2009

Hello from BarCamp London 7

I'm currently at BarCamp London 7, I'm very tired as I didn't get much sleep last night what with playing Werewolf and Urban Terror. People always say I should blog more, so here it is, hopefully I accidentally type something interesting.

I saw a load of interesting talks yesterday. Simon Willison's talk about non-relational databases was particularly good, I've seen a few people talking about circumstances where they make more sense that a standard relational database. It's something which I plan to test out for Opening Times at some point, as I'm a producing an XML version of every revision anyway, I might as well store it in a sensible manner and see what else it could produce.

There was also a good talk on how to build a (developer) community, which is of great importance to me at the moment. Currently I have 30 registered users which is great, so I need suggestions as to how to build the community, both of developers and data contributors. Open Street Map is an amazing inspiration in this case and I'd like to try and work as closely as possible with them as the site progresses.

The new version of the site seems to be running well, there have been a few minor problems, most of which have been ironed out, leaving only the more fundamental ones to deal with later. I received my first user submitted bug report last night, which I was really pleased about, as using a bug tracker will hopefully improve my coding process.

Ps. Happy British Summer Time wishes.

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