Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Unlocking our geo data

Today The Guardian reported that Ordnance Survey is preparing to release UK geo data and mapping under a free license. This will hopefully be great news for Opening Times. My site relies heavily on acquiring highly accurate geo data and also the use of maps. Currently I use Google maps and I am very happy with their service. However when a user adds a new business they are encouraged to drag the pointer to be exactly over the entrance to the store. I want the point which is picked to be free of any restrictions so that I can distribute the data and use other mapping providers if I choose. Hopefully the move by OS will simplify the copyright restrictions around geo data and allow developers like myself to get on with building great applications without worrying about tedious legal issues.

I will update when it becomes clear exactly what data is being released and what plans this site will have for the data.


  1. FYI on exporting data from Google maps:

    Great site btw. keep up the great work!

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