Sunday, 6 December 2009

Moved server and some updates

I've just changed the DNS to point to a new server with Memset. I'm waiting for the changes to propagate across the internet, so hopefully it will work ok.

The new server is running a newer release of the code and there are a few changes, these are the major ones which stick in my mind:
  • the login information should show the correct information on all pages, previously there was a problem when viewing some of the pages which used caching
  • I've added a link to the reports section in the footer, this should help identify information which is obviously incorrect or has been vandalised. Let me know if there are any reports you would like added or changed.
  • I've added a data export in a number of different formats
  • You no longer need to be logged in to edit or create a business. There have been quite a large number of people who register an account but then don't make any changes, so I've removed that step, hopefully this will increase participation. There is however a captcha to solve if you aren't logged, which will also reappear if you make a lot of changes in a short period. I've noticed there are a couple of people who are making excellent contributions, so please let me know me if this is annoying so I can tune it effectively. Thanks

I'll post again soon to talk about Christmas and New Year opening times, which is clearly a big issue for this site. A big thanks to all the users who have made changes.

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